2021 Digital Marketing Trends

In order to develop a successful marketing strategy, it’s important to have some foresight into the year ahead. By taking a critical look at digital marketing trends of 2020, we’ve put together a list of the trends we think will be most important in 2021.

Marketing Automation
Although marketing automation is nothing new, it will likely be one of the most vital digital marketing trends of 2021. Marketing automation allows you to customize your communication with your target consumers based on their interests, actions, and click journey. Sending mass emails that aren’t tailored to consumers’ specific interests and needs, and posting generic content doesn’t work anymore. The most cost-effective way to achieve a high conversion rate and generate leads is through personalized content, automated campaigns, and lead scoring.

Content will never die, but with that being said, it’s imperative that you update your content strategy in order for it to remain a successful digital marketing trend in 2021. As they have in years past, videos, social media posts, blogs, and white pages will continue to be effective content marketing tools, but you should still update your toolbox. Interactive content and videos like contests, quizzes, polls, and augmented reality advertisements are becoming increasingly effective because they allow consumers to feel included.

Voice Searches
With every passing year, voice searches are becoming more and more popular as more smart home devices are developed, and people become more comfortable speaking to their devices.

In 2020, an astonishing 50% of all online searches were voice activated and 20% of mobile queries were done with voice search. It’s clear to see why voice searches are one of the top digital trends to watch in 2021, and digital marketers will need to start incorporating voice searches in their content strategies and creation. Take this year to optimize all of your business’s platforms for voice search because it’s only going to become even more popular in the years to come, so take the time to get ahead of the curve now.

Google Tag Manager
This free tool is slowly gaining popularity, and it will likely be considered an essential digital marketing tool in the years to come. Google Tag Manager allows you to track specific events and actions on your website so that you can understand what’s driving your traffic statistics and analytics. The data can then be imported and shared with Google Analytics, Google Ads, LinkedIn Campaign Manager, Facebook Business Manager, and an endless number of other third-party ad platforms.

Offline Conversion Tracking
The events of the past year have forced several brick and mortar stores to take a hard look at the conversions of their digital marketing efforts and test news ways to measure how they convert to in-store sales and online sales. In years past, coupons, geotargeting, sensors, and promo codes have been the most effective way to tie online marketing to offline sales, but that’s starting to change. Tech giants like Facebook and Google are beginning to develop and launch offline conversion tracking methods, and they will likely be on the list of digital marketing trends when you look at the year in review at the end of 2021.

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