How a Custom Home Builder TRIPLED SALES in Two Years

We started working with iDIG in May of 2016. Since then they continue to exceed our expectations and business continues to grow. The iDIG team is courteous, professional, and very fast to respond to our requests. It is our pleasure working with them and we made the right choice in using them for all our marketing needs.
– Jeff, Omega Homes, President

Omega Homes is a Holmes Approved Homes custom home builder/developer serving the Ottawa area. Rated as one of the top 3 custom home builders in Ottawa, Omega Homes specializes in developing modern, stylish custom homes from concept to completion.

Omega Homes had been steadily busy and growing over the years, but they were not considered a top builder based on the size and scale of their projects. Soon after iDIG was referred to Omega Homes we were engaged to take their business to the level they are now, as one of the top custom home builders in the Ottawa area.


Omega Homes was growing slowly but experiencing difficulty creating awareness and attaining leads.

Word-of-mouth referrals only went so far. The company’s static website was more of an online brochure than a way to generate leads and procure an audience online. Omega Homes needed a better way to expand their business during a time when home-building costs were increasing and as the pandemic put pressure on everyone to limit spending.


Creative & Graphic Design
Social Media Management
Web Design/Developement


iDIG came up with a four-pronged strategy to achieve Omega’s objectives.

Strategy & Branding

After a deep dive into the company and an evaluation of the data, we came up with a solid strategy. 

  • Devised a strategy to generate more leads and attract new business through content, design, and Google ads.
  • Mocked up a website design fitting of the brand that educates and informs visitors.
  • Enhanced the existing brand to create a more cohesive and consistent brand look and feel.

Google Ads

Part of our solution involved setting up, managing, and refining a Google Ads campaign.

  • Launched a Google Ads campaign to drive impressions and website traffic to relevant audiences.
  • Used Google Ads to support the growth and development of Omega’s social media following.
  • Set up Google Ads campaigns targeting people actively searching for custom home builder.

Content Marketing

We developed a content marketing campaign for maximum reach and engagement.

  • Crafted content that positioned the client as a leader in their industry and geographic location.
  • Published a series of topical bi-weekly blogs, bi-weekly videos, social posts, and targeted paid ads.
  • Created SEO-optimized content that matched user search queries for Ottawa custom home builders.

Website Redesign

Our in-house web design and development team completely redesigned Omega Homes’ dated, static website.

  • Performed a one-time redesign of Omega Homes’ website.
  • Created a seamless user interface that’s intuitive and easy to use.
  • Designed and developed a beautifully branded responsive website.


Our strategy resulted in a significant increase in leads and bookings.

2 Months

Our client was ranking in the top three results for their geography in Google,
generating a significant improvement in organic traffic.

12 Months

Our client had four projects underway and another six in its pipeline, with
at least six of those as a direct result of our program.

30 Months

Our client was building 8 to 10 additional homes per year, and booked projects a full year in advance.

60 Months

Our client ranks #1 for almost all relevant search terms in their region. Omega Homes is building more homes than ever and projects are booked 1-2 years in advance.

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