How a Home Developer

Tripled Sales

in Two Years


As a home developer/builder, how challenging is it for you to create awareness and drive sales?

For our client, the answer was very. They wanted to expand their business but brand awareness was a challenge.

Word-of-mouth referrals spoke to the high-quality homes and great services our client provided, but the company’s static website was acting as more of an online brochure than the lead generation solution required.

In the same way they rely on trusted trade partners to bring unique skills to a job site, our client turned to idig to bring much-needed marketing expertise to the table.


  • Strategic Planning and Branding
  • Content Marketing
  • Experience Design



Content-led marketing increases awareness and
generates leads.
To take their business to the next level, we needed to:
1) increase brand awareness to position our
client as a leader in their industry and location.
2) improve search engine ranking to
build organic traffic.
3) drive more leads from people actively
searching for custom home builder.


Our in-house team developed a content-led marketing strategy which included:

  •  a one-time redesign of their website to adhere to industry best practices and create a seamless user interface.
    We also created an ongoing content program that included:
    • bi-weekly articles and videos to be used on the website.
    • engaging social media posts that were topical and on-trend.
    • digital marketing ads that specifically target consumers seeking a custom home builder.


Measurable Growth 

Our client is thrilled with the results of their program. Google analytics demonstrate an ongoing increase in organic search results, site visits, and click-through-rate. More importantly, our client has significantly surpassed their goals of adding new builds per year.

Our content-led marketing strategy continues to generate leads on their redesigned website.

3 weeks: Our client was ranking in the top three results for their geography in Google,
generating a significant improvement in organic traffic.

12 months: Our client had four projects underway and another six in its pipeline, with
at least five of those as a direct result of our program.

30 months: Our client is building 8 to 10 additional homes per year, and has projects
booked for a year in advance.

We started working with idig in May of 2016.  Since then they continue to exceed our expectations and business continues to grow. The idig team is courteous, professional, and very fast to respond to our requests.  It is our pleasure working with them and we made the right choice in using them for all our marketing needs.


Omega Homes, President

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