How a Meal-Prep Company Doubled Conversion Rates in 6 Months

I’m proud both of the work we’ve done together and of the many advances made by iDIG for SupperWorks. I’ve looked forward to every meeting with you and to the creativity and passion that you and your group have brought to the table.
– Joni Lien, SupperWorks, Founder

SupperWorks is an Ontario based meal prep and assembly-kitchen company founded in 2005. They prepare and deliver meals, using fresh ingredients and offering flexible options.

They have outlasted copycat companies that followed their lead, but the increased popularity of meal kits, limitless food delivery options, and an outdated ordering system lead to a significant drop in their sales.


SupperWorks had a loyal customer base and relied heavily on repeat business. With the explosion of home food options, (meal kit companies like Chef’s Plate and delivery companies like Skip the Dishes), SupperWorks lost market share. The ordering system, familiar to longtime customers, was hard to navigate for first-time users and resulted in a high cart-abandonment rate. Their marketing targeting new clients was limited to print ads in local papers or flyers at events.


Creative & Graphic Design
Social Media Management
Web Design/Developement


Our solution to SupperWorks’ challenges was a four-pronged approach.

Strategy & Branding

We spent time talking to our client, researching their industry, and asking questions to determine their unique value proposition.

  • Reworked the brand and messaging to better reflect service offerings and tell the brand’s story. 
  • Designed a new website with a stronger UX to better communicate the unique value proposition.
  • Devised a marketing strategy highlighting 3 central themes: 100% Canadian, fresh ingredients, flexible options.

    Content Marketing

    We used insights to formulate a content strategy focused on reaching and attracting new customers.

    • Developed a content schedule to deliver timely, relevant content to attract new customers.
    • Created SEO-optimized content based on trending keywords and published on selected channels.
    • Executed a content program of weekly blogs, branded videos, engaging social posts, and targeted paid ads.

    Custom Web Application

    Our in-house developers created a custom web solution that wasn’t available anywhere else on the market. 

    • Developed an information centre to educate potential and existing clients.
    • Created a user-friendly custom solution to process orders online and in-store.
    • Integrated seamlessly with SupperWorks’ existing multi-location operation.

    PPC/Google Ads

    The final prong of our solution was a PPC/Google Ads campaign.

    • Created fresh advertising assets and established a Google Ads campaign.
    • Deployed strategic pay-per-click ads to increase website traffic and boost sales.
    • Overhauled Facebook Ads, refined audience targeting, and enhanced creative.


    Our strategy resulted in a significant increase in conversion rate and sales.


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    in Direct Traffic


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