How a Custom

Web Application

Increased Sales


SupperWorks is an Ontario based meal prep and assembly-kitchen company founded in 2005.

They have outlasted copycat companies that followed their lead, but the increased popularity of meal kits, limitless food delivery options, and an outdated ordering system lead to a significant drop in their sales.

idig Marketing was selected through an RFP process to increase sales by reworking their branding, creating a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, and designing a custom web application.


  • Strategic Planning and Branding
  • Content Marketing
  • Experience Design
  • Ecommerce and System Integration



SupperWorks had a loyal customer base and relied heavily on repeat business. Any marketing targeted towards new clients was limited to ads in local papers or flyers at events. 

With the explosion of home food options (meal kits and delivery companies like Skip the Dishes) they started losing their market share. The ordering system, which was familiar to their longtime customers, was hard to navigate for first-time users and as a result, SupperWorks had an extremely high cart-abandonment rate.

In order to increase sales, SupperWorks needed to strengthen their brand positioning, establish a content strategy to target new customers, and build a custom web application for ordering.


Strategy & Branding

We spent time talking to our client, researching their industry, and asking questions to determine their unique value proposition. 

We arrived at three central themes:

  • 100% Canadian owned and operated
  • Use of fresh, restaurant-quality ingredients
  • Flexible meal prep options 

Attract New Customers

Examining the analytics gave us insights into how consumers were previously engaging with the website, and in turn we used this knowledge to reach new customers.

We developed a content marketing strategy that improved SEO, increased their brand awareness, and resonated with the market we targeted. 

This strategy was achieved through:

  • Weekly blogs
  • Branded videos
  • Engaging social posts
  • Paid advertising

Custom Web Application

Our in-house developers went to work on building a web solution that wasn’t available anywhere else on the market.

This solution included:

  • An information centre to educate potential customers
  • A way to easily process customer orders online and in-store
  • Seamless integration with SupperWorks’ current multi-location operation


    Our strategy resulted in a significant increase in traffic and engagement. 

    A year after launch, the analytics show increases across the board:

      • Cart abandonment dropped from 85% to 34% 
      • Conversion rate rose from 2.62% to 6.56%
      • Sales increased by 70% year-over-year

    Awareness Increase


    in Organic Traffic

    Brand Recognition


    in Direct Traffic



    in Conversion Traffic

    Above Average Conversion Rate

    Across all industries, the average landing page conversion rate is 2.35%, with only the top 25% pages converting at 5.31% or higher.

    SupperWorks is currently converting at a rate of 5.49%.

    Ecommerce Conversion Rate




    New Site



    Old Site

    I’m proud both of the work we’ve together and of the many advances made by idig for SupperWorks. I’ve looked forward to every meeting with you and to the creativity and passion that you and your group have brought to the table.

    Joni Lien

    SupperWorks Founder

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