Five Tips for a Successful Website Relaunch

Businesses periodically need to relaunch their website so it better reflects their company, products or services. If you’re rebranding, expanding, changing your business model or haven’t updated your site in a few years—a redesign can grow traffic, increase engagement and improve conversions.

To have a successful website relaunch, you need to plan and prepare.

1. Use Data to Guide Design Choices

Before designing a new site, you need to understand how your current site performs. Analyze where customers are dropping off and more importantly—why. Recognizing the limitations of your current site can help you make smart decisions about your updated site.

2. Use Quality Content

Design is important, but content is what’s going to attract customers to your site. Overall branding, positioning lines and blogs are your opportunity to set your business apart from competitors and close a sale. Make sure each piece of copy and content on your site is helping meet your business goals.

3. Design a Mobile-First Site

If you’re not designing for mobile—you’re going to lose potential customers. Many businesses have retroactively adapted their site to be responsive, but during a website relaunch, you have the opportunity to build a completely mobile site. This will not only perform better with your customers, but will also be rewarded by Google.

4. Have Proper Technical Knowledge
There’s a lot that needs to happen in the background to have a successful website relaunch. You need to preserve your rankings and organic traffic and should have uninterrupted analytic data. One mistake can cause serious damage to your site and could potentially affect sales, so it’s crucial to have a web development expert guiding the relaunch.

5. Test, Re-Test and then Test Again
Your new website should not go live until it has been thoroughly tested on multiple devices. Make sure to follow your customer’s journey through the site to identify any problem areas and ensure any e-commerce functions are working properly.

A website relaunch can refresh your business and help increase sales. Make sure to properly plan and prepare so that the process is smooth and successful.

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